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Who We Are

Lu Chen 1.jpg

Lu Chen

Position/Role: PI

B.S. 2006, Wuhan University

PhD. 2013, University of Kansas Medical Center/Stowers Institute 


2018, Stanford Cancer Institute (SCI) fellowship in cancer research

2023, NIGMS-MIRA (Maximizing Investigators' Research Award) 


Favorite Quotes:

Evolution is the clinical trial of the nature.

Don't waste your clean thoughts on dirty enzymes.

Members: Team Members
2022-03-21 musinu 1st day.jpg

Musinu Zakari

Position/Role: Postdoctoral Fellow

B.S. 2008, University of Ghana, Ghana

MSc. 2010, Maastricht University, Netherlands

MSc. and PhD 2015, Paris VI University, France


2023- Patterson Postdoctoral Fellowship in Structural Biology and Biochemistry

Julia Hoopman

Position/Role: PhD student (Temple-BMSC 2022)

B.S. 2022, Liberty university, Lynchburg, VA


2022- Presidential Fellowship, Temple University

2023- T32 Predoctoral Training Award (NIGMS)

Alex Morris.tif

Alexander Morris

Position/Role: PhD student (Temple-BMSC 2022)

-2022, Lab Tech II, Harvard University / MGH

2020, BS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,

The College of Wooster, OH

Grigory "Grisha" Matveev

Position/Role: Graduate Student (MIPT)

2022-, MSc, MIPT, integrated Structural Biology and Genetics Program

2022, BS, MIPT, Applied Mathematics & Physics

Aldana Vistarop - proffesional photo_edi

Aldana Vistarop

Position/Role: Postdoctoral Associate, 2023-10 - 

Ph.D. 2019 in Parmacy and Biochemistry,

University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Emily Pochet.jpg

Emily Pochet

Position/Role: Graduate Student, 2024-01 

Drexel University College of Medicine

Dept of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Cameron Lian.jpg

Genxuan "Cameron" Lian

Undergraduate Research Scholar

2022-, Sophomore in Biological Chemistry,

Grinnell College, Grinnell, IA

2023, IN VINO VITA Summer Scholar


Clinical Shadow: wtih Dr. Efrat Dotan


Amal Oubarri

High School Researcher, 09/2023-

2023-2024, Rising Senior, Central High School

2024, 1st prize in the 45th George Washington Carver Science Fair

2024 Fall, Undergraduate, Upenn School of Engineering


Emily Gerstein

High School Researcher, 06/19/2023-

Central Buck School-West


Mengmeng Li

Position/Role: Senior Data Analyst / Friend of the lab

MBBS 2008, Nanjing Medical University

MSPH 2017, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

2020-, Senior Data Analyst and PhD Candidate, 

                     Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Research focuses:

understand and assess maternal, fetal, perinatal, child, and adolescent health through a life course perspective.


Lab Alumni


Soon-keat Ooi

Position/Role: Postdoctoral Fellow

B.S. 2009, National University of Malaysia (UKM)

PhD 2021, Stowers Institute for Medical Research

Dr. Soon-keat Ooi joined the lab in Sept 2021 with his newly minted PhD thesis with Joan and Ronald Conaway at Stowers Institute. Soon-keat dedicated his efforts in the setting up of the young lab, and contributed intellectually during lab/floor meetings and various seminars. Outside of the lab, Soon-keat enjoys playing competitive badminton, watching soap operas, and dining with friends.


Next Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania.


Victoria (Tori) Gillespie

Position/Role: Sci Tech I/Lab Manager

B.S. 2021, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Tori contributed to the set up of the lab from ground zero. Tori successfully deleted chromosomal regions from isogenic clone cells using CRISPR/Cas9. Tori also emerged as an expert in lentiviral packaging and transduction. 

Next Position: Graduate student from Fall 2024


Ashley Park

High School Researcher, 09/2022-2023

2022, Junior, Wissahickon High School

2023, IN VINO VITA Summer Scholar


Marie "Masha" Kobin 

2022-, Sophomore in Biochemistry, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Clinical Shadow: with Dr. Jeffrey Farma

2022, Jeanne E. and Robert F. Ozols Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship

2023, IN VINO VITA Summer Scholar


Abby Fowler

Position/Role: Undergrad Fellow, 06/12/2023

University of Delaware

FCCC-UD Summer Research Fellow 2023

Next Position: REU, Texas State University

with Dr. Mylene Queiroz de Farias 


Zihan Chu

Rachana Thang

Position/Role: Undergrad internship

FCB2P_2023, 2024/01~ 2024/04

Zhejiang University - Edenborough University Institute

Next Position: Graduate student, UIUC, IL

Position/Role: Undergrad Volunteer, 04/19/2023-2024

Biology, Temple University

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Urbanowicz

Kevin Ethridge

Position/Role: Undergrad Volunteer, 02/10/2023-2023

Biology, Temple University

Clinical Shaddow: with Dr. Efrat Dotan, 04/17/2023

Undergrad Volunteer, 07/05/2022-08/05/2022

Wistar Institute - Biomedical Technician Training Program (BTT)

Next Position: finishing undergraduate degree.

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