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“As an MD/PhD candidate at Stanford University, I worked with Dr. Lu Chen on an interdisciplinary project interrogating telomerase dynamics and telomere length in human T cells. Dr. Chen is an expert in the concepts and techniques central to biochemistry and molecular biology studies. He consistently provides thoughtful and detailed guidance, working side-by-side with students. Overall, Dr. Chen is creative, meticulous, and a supportive mentor.”

Tara Murty
Stanford ChEM-H O'Leary-Thiry Graduate Fellow
Stanford University, MSTP class 2020
Harvard University, BS 2018


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"First off I would say that I really learned from Dr. Chen how to think deeply about biochemical mechanisms. Secondly I would say that working with Dr. Chen gave me fantastic training in careful and meticulous experimental design, especially the selection of exhaustive sets of controls. I found Dr. Chen very inspiring as a mentor, both his passion for deep mechanistic understanding, and his incredibly thoughtful and careful experimental approach."

Matthew Hall
Marsden Memorial Prize in Chemistry, 
Stanford University, BS 2021
MIT Graduate Biology class 2021

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"Lu is my mentor when I was an intern at Stowers Institute. He is creative, insightful, optimistic with a strong passion towards research.  I learned how to design the most efficient and informative experiments by working side by side with Lu. I can still remember the times when Lu proposes new directions when we ran into difficulties. Overall, Lu is a great mentor to work with and guides me become a good scientist. "

Xiao Yan
Undergraduate intern, Stowers Institute for Medical Research
Peking University, BS 2010
UCLA, MS 2017, PhD 2018


"As an MD/PhD candidate visiting at Stanford University, I got to learn a lot from Dr. Chen. He thoroughly taught me complex methods, he was willing to share his knowledge and advised me on a career in science. He is a pleasant person to work and talk with about biology, culture, and politics. I saw that Dr. Chen is very innovative in his way of thinking, with his big passion for discovering new insights in the field of molecular biology. I am sure he will be a great and a very supportive mentor."

Shir Toubiana
MD/PhD candidate, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, BS 2014

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