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The launch of FCB2P_FSC (Fox Chase Bachelor-to-PhD_Friday Science Club) from 2023

Updated: Nov 20


@luchenlab_FCCC Nov 14

Dr. Leystra @aaleystra will join the Friday Science Club with FCB2P scholars to discuss her passion for and path to science @FoxChaseCancer and the training opportunities offered by the Office of Academic Affairs. Dr. Leystra always comes w/ calm and clarity, esp. on Taco Friday!

@luchenlab_FCCC @aaleystra shines through the Friday Science Club with 7 student trainees @FoxChaseCancer sharing her passion for science, mysteries, problemsolving, writing, mentoring, and the occasional over-analytical tendency. Great to have a problem solver to champion for our trainees.


2023-11-18 FCB2P2023 hikes on the Wissahickon Valley Park Trail

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