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The launch of FCB2P_FSC (Fox Chase Bachelor-to-PhD_Friday Science Club) from 2023

Updated: Mar 22


@luchenlab_FCCC Nov 14

Dr. Leystra @aaleystra will join the Friday Science Club with FCB2P scholars to discuss her passion for and path to science @FoxChaseCancer and the training opportunities offered by the Office of Academic Affairs. Dr. Leystra always comes w/ calm and clarity, esp. on Taco Friday!

@luchenlab_FCCC @aaleystra shines through the Friday Science Club with 7 student trainees @FoxChaseCancer sharing her passion for science, mysteries, problemsolving, writing, mentoring, and the occasional over-analytical tendency. Great to have a problem solver to champion for our trainees.

Leystra Alyssa_FCB2P
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2023-11-18 FCB2P2023 hikes on the Wissahickon Valley Park Trail


What a heart-warming nightFox Chase Cancer Centerled by Dr. Igor Astaturov & his student- Aizhan Surumbayeva ofMarvin and Concetta Greenberg Pancreatic Cancer Institute at Fox Chase Cancer Center. Helpful work with trainees on elevator speech, career sharing, tips for the research/life balance, and intimate stories about cancer and patient care. Both Dr. Astaturov and Aizhan's sharings are uniquely touching and inspiring.

FCB2P-FSC2023 - Aizhan
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Much anticipatedIsrael Cañadas Castilloto join FCB2P_FSC#4 atFox Chase Cancer Center! Israel is an amazing mentor, collaborator, innovative cancer immunologist, and a devoted family man. Scholars are off to a treat.


Prof. Sid Balachandran - one of the "village elderlies" of Fox Chase Cancer Center- to share his wisdom with the young trainees of FCB2P. Sid has been an inspirational scientist, mentor, and role model to many - a walking definition of "Foxchaseness". 🙏 

Prof. Sid Balachandran, Director of Center for Immunology, Fox Chase Cancer Center, led a fun dive with trainees into the milestone discoveries of cell death pathways, emphasizing the power of unbiased sciences (worm mutants, activity-dep extract fractionation, cDNA GOF &modern CRISPR LOF screens). He also shared his book list and grant writing tips. Amazing teaching and wisdom by a "village elderly" - we are lucky to have you, Sid! hashtag#FCB2P hashtag#FSC_5

Here is Sid's recommended book list:



Amy Whitaker of Nuclear Dynamics and Cancer (NDC) and Cancer Epigenetics Institute (CEI) will kick start the first Friday Science Club (FSC_FCB2P #7) of 2024. Trainees are off for a treat for a passionate and engaging mentor with unique expertise in biochemistry and structural biology at Fox Chase Cancer Center.

Christ Merlo and Dr. Whitaker Amy Whitaker of CeiFccc and Fox Chase Cancer Center during the lively FSC#7. Exactly as advised, scholars benefited tremendously from Amy's unique expertise and engaging mentorship style. What a treat!


FCB2P is looking forward to the #8 Friday Science Club featuring Dr. Rink Lori Rink Fox Chase Cancer Center. Dr. Rink is a translational scientist studying a rare type of sarcoma - GIST (GastroIntestinal Stromal Tumor). Dr. Rink is also a very supportive mentor in the lab, while a busy mom with 3 daughters at home. Much to learn!

Thanks to Lori Rink and Ashot Nazaretian @CeiFccc Fox Chase Cancer Center for leading FSC#8. FCB2P scholars received valuable advice on graduate school interview/application and engaged in a lively sharing of scientific passion stories. Way to pass on the torch to the next-gen!

RePORT ⟩ RePORTER ( or google "NIH reporter" is a valuable tool to check the funding status of any PIs (note this is NIH grant only, not including DOD or NSF, nonetheless NIH R01 grants remain the workhorse that fund most of the US labs). Better for trainees to check on this before reaching out and expressing interest to any labs.


Philip Abbosh, MD-PhD, is to host the 9th FSC Fox Chase Cancer Center - a busy urology surgeon, a committed translational scientist/mentor, an amazing speaker, a family man/gardener/woodworker/pig roast host - among the many hats he miraculously wears. Hype to learn the secret sauce!

Thanks to Philip Abbosh, MD-PhD Fox Chase Cancer Center for the candid sharing of his journey/passion in CancerBio as a physician-scientist, his secret sauce in time management & mentoring. FCB2P scholars also received an invitation to the Sausage-Fest-2024 and a sweet ride home.


FCB2P welcomes Erica Golemis Fox Chase Cancer Center Temple University - Lewis Katz School of Medicine. Erica made seminal contributions to science in developing two-hybrid technology to study PPI, in primary cilia biogenesis, etc. Erica is also an outstanding leader & mentor to the broader Fox Chase/TU-LKSOM community. Such a blessing!

Erica Golemis sat down with FCB2P scholars for an exciting exchange on projects, discoveries, mentoring, and scientific writing. Thanks for sharing the wisdom and institutional memory Fox Chase Cancer Center Temple University - Lewis Katz School of Medicine


FCB2P is off to a treat to meet Dr. Johnathan Whetstine, who leads Nuclear Dynamics and Cancer and Cancer Epigenetics Institute Fox Chase Cancer Center. JW pioneers epigenetic discoveries @WhetstineLab with successful PhD and postdoc mentees. JW champions translational efforts to integrate bench/bedside/industry. He teaches many including high schoolers.

Dr. Jonathan Whetstine infused FCB2P with an unlimited dose of optimism and can-do spirit, by sharing powerful personal stories/visions and by discussing scholars' dreams and goals. A unique FSC where seeds are sowed and ceiling elevated at Fox Chase Cancer Center


FCB2P FSC of the 2024 season welcomes its closing speaker Jonathan Chernoff, the cancer center director. Jon wears many hats in science, medicine, and center administration. The fact that we see him always close to the bench/students speaks for the magic of Fox Chase Cancer Center.

FCB2P scholars not only are attracted to Fox Chase Cancer Center for 6-month lab training (stipend, housing incl.), but they also receive weekly face-to-face mentorship from dedicated Fox Chase mentors, including Jonathan Chernoff - the Cancer Center Director. That's foxchaseness in a wrap.

farewell at John's sushi before the train to the airport. Farewell, FCB2P_2023, hope to see you all soon in the Philly fall.

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