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LuChenLab hosts Dr. Thomas Cech for a Distinguished Seminar on 09/22 - what a journey of discoveries and inspirations! 


Within 12 years of independence at CU-Boulder, Tom's Nobel work discovered the catalytic properties of RNAs and re-wrote the central dogma. 

Tom went ahead to produce more Nobel-worth discoveries, including the discovery of TERT and Pot1. 

Tom trained numerous leading scientists, including many with deep influence on our lab: Dan Herschlag, Julie Cooper, Peter Baumann, and Jennifer Doudna with her Nobel Prize on CRISPR-Cas9.

Tom speaks for himself as "a full-time teacher" and "a teacher for life". He shared his thoughts on career and answered questions from ten Fox Chase trainees, from undergrad, graduate students, postdoc, to faculty.

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